Who We Are

Initially only our company provides services in Turkey is proud today of sending Turkish products to European and African countries.

Our commercial activities started in 1979 under the name of AYPAR AUTOMOTIVE and continue in 2019 as AYAZ AUTOMOTIVE in Istanbul.

We have been serving you for 41 years with its expert and experienced staff.


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Power Steering Systems

The car's ability to move left and right is provided by...

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Motor Electrical Systems

Engine electrical systems consist of electronic control units, electrical cables and...

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How does the car air conditioning system work and what are its parts?

Vehicle air conditioning systems consist of air conditioning and heating. This page...

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Brake Systems and Safe Brake

Ceramic brake discs Ceramic discs used in the automobile braking system provide...

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What are the basic parts and parts of the engine?

As an engine base; It consists of main mechanical parts such as cylinder head , engine...

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